Casino Seated Massage

Casino massage has gained enormous popularity in Las Vegas during the past few years. It gives casinos a value-added service to reward and nurture their clients. Massage relaxes and re-energizes gamers and encourages them to extend their time at the table. It entices players to the tables and keeps them there.

Extend Gaming Time

Body Connection's Casino Seated Massage allows gaming enthusiasts to continue playing the game uninterrupted during massage. With our specially designed cushions, VIP and regular players receive massage while remaining in their chairs at the table. The benefits are:

Who Pays for Casino Massage?

There are two ways to implement on-site seated massage for casino players. They can treat themselves to a massage that clears their mind, increases energy level and keeps them in the game. The second way is for the casino to host massage for gaming tournaments or for their VIP's so their high rollers keep rolling. Either way, Body Connection's casino clients have been thrilled with the results.

Keep players at the table longer with Body Connection's Casino Massage!!

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