When Your Chair isn’t Sexy

Is Convention Chair Massage Your Solution?

One of our clients came to us and said, “My chair just isn’t sexy enough.”  I raised an eyebow, “Huh, what?” Then he explained a little more: “My chair isn’t sexy enough to get attention at tradeshows. People just walk right past my booth without even a glance at my little superstar.”

How sad. Poor little chair, it deserved better. It’s a brilliant chair, really. I can attest to that. I’ve sat in that client’s chair and I can tell you that chair envelops you with good feeling, like laying on a beach in Hawaii. I could work, sitting in that beauty all day long. And in fact, I do. Because that client gave it to me as a token of appreciation for getting hundreds of potential customers to stop and take notice of his product at trade shows. How did we do it? Simple

Chair Massage Service for Exhibit Booths

Our client, like most, had a ten by ten booth. He had a few models of office furniture he was featuring that season, but he still had plenty of room for a relaxation station booth promotion. The station consists of a massage chair and professional therapist and both fit easily in the standard 10 x10 booth.

Making eye contact with the next customer

Our mobile massage therapists are more than your traditional spa therapist.  We seek out and hire those with a special gift: an artful combination of skills. Sure, they give great massage, but they are also masters at the art of engagement. Just watch them sometime. Even as they impart a 5-10 minute massage to your future customer, they actively scan the exhibit floor, making eye connection with your next lead.  Your next customer immediately notices and experiences a palpable emotion: jealousy! THEY ARE JEALOUS OF THAT PERSON IN YOUR BOOTH. They want to trade places. With a little nod of the head, our therapist invites them to sit in YOUR CHAIR and wait their turn for their own massage.

Meanwhile, they are actively experiencing your newest product. That sad little chair that just wasn’t sexy enough. But now they know: it IS A BRILLIANT CHAIR! and sitting in it DOES feel like laying on a beach in Hawaii. They know what you know. They just needed to stop and experience it.

And now you are talking to them while they wait for their massage. And they are answering and telling you all about their store and their needs and there is your opening. Now you have a relationship, an authentic connection and all because what they really wanted in the first place was a relaxing and rejuvenating free massage.

Why Does Onsite Chair Massage Booth Promotion Work?

Making your Customers Happy makes us happy


Here’s a simple test. If you are a road warrior and attend tradeshows, you probably have a closet full of giveaways, right? The squeeze ball, Mardi Gras beads, post-its, candy, pens. Answer this question: What’s more memorable a keychain or a massage?

Obviously, massage. Why? Mainly, because massage causes people to connect the totality of their experience and store it in their psyche.  So, a relaxation station can literally massage a lasting impression into your future customers.

They will remember you, they will remember that fabulous massage in your exhibit booth and, believe me, they will know the truth about your brilliant chair: It REALLY IS SEXY!!

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