Massage with Audio/Video Message

Chair massage paired with a video presentation starring your sponsor is a winning combination! Event attendees will view your sponsor’s product or service with renewed energy and interest after a chair massage with audio/video built into the chair.  Audio visual messaging is a perfect solution for complex or technical items or services, and a great way to feature a new product launch.

Mobile Spa Sponsorship

Sponsors looking for a high visibility sponsorship with a high touch love the Mobile Spa Sponsorship option. Show managers may choose one or more of our many onsite spa services to offer for event or convention sponsorships. Our spa services are mobile so we can deliver them in just about any setting. Contact us and we will send you a Mobile Spa Sponsorship brochure with photos and description of each spa services for you to use to  entice sponsors with this attention grabber.

Foot Massage Bar Sponsorship

foot massage

Comfy lounging chairs paired with foot massage machines spells “ahhh” for foot bar visitors and your sponsors. With the capacity to please up to 400 potential clients daily, the foot massage bar is ideal for high traffic corridors, VIP suites and events with large attendance.

Oxygen Bar Sponsorship

Breathe some life into your event sponsorship options. Oxygen Bars are fun, encourage socializing and networking and more importantly, they re-energize convention attendees and exhibitors so they can go the distance. Our Oxygen Bars accomodate 8-10 people with optional seating, have backlit panels, 10 foot of counter space and oxygen delivery carousels, all of which are available for sponsors’ corporate branding.

Massage Relaxation Station Sponsorship

Our most popular trade show sponsorship, the Massage Relaxation Station with backlit bamboo and wood framed shoji screens offers conventioneers a moment of Zen to re-center and recharge in a serene island of calm. Black and white decor with lavender accents, the Relaxation Station includes massage chairs, reclining loungers for foot massage and comfy chairs for those waiting in line. The setup is flexible to fit small, large or irregular areas of the tradeshow floor, or in a hospitality suite. Choose chair massage, foot massage or both!

Convention Sponsorships that Sell

The Body Connection provides Show Managers and their tradeshow sponsors with a variety of creative and exciting massage and spa sponsorships. Turnkey setups with ability for custom branding touches provide sponsors with flexibility of themes and price points. From re-energizing and relaxing massage stations to urban chic “Martinis and Manicures”, the Body Connection offers a full menu of experiences that will entice your sponsors to sign on and sign checks.