Elevate the gaming and casino experience, and extend VIPs’ and casino visitors’ time at slots and game tables with poker room massage and casino massage.

Casino Massage

Multiple massage services are effective to re-energize and rejuvenate casino visitors. Casinos can offer chair massage as a perk for highrollers, VIP, and gaming tournaments or offer paid chair massage service to all casino visitors. Both options provide additional revenue for the casino.

Massage as a Casino Amenity

Massage extends casino playing time by reducing gamer’s fatigue and provides a classy, caring touch to the casino’s image.

Offering chair massage or poker massage to casino clients is a perk that casino gamers appreciate and creates positive associations that will ensure brand loyalty and return visits.

Casino massage can be delivered in multiple areas of the casino property including:

  • Card tables
  • Poolside
  • Guest reception area
  • Casino Floor
  • Poker room
  • High limit lounge
  • Slot & poker tournaments
  • Shopping Areas
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