Office Massage

Office Massage Therapy

Office massage, or seated massage is applicable to many professional settings, including corporate chair massage (or office massage), event chair massage and chair massage for trade shows and conventions.

office massage

What is Office Massage?

Also called seated massage, on-site office massage commonly last 10-30 minutes and can employ a variety of massage techniques including:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy

The office massage chair is essentially an upright massage table. The client’s face rests in a padded face cradle and their legs and arms are supported by padded leg and arm rests.

Office chair massages are commonly used for various occasions, may it be for an Employee Appreciation Day, trade shows or perhaps to promote a company’s brand in some convention. This can be used to attract and engage with potential clients or customers and a chance for you to pitch in your business objective or introduce a product or services offered. For employees, especially those working in a stressful environment, would find having one of these massages a way to relax, destress and freshen up from a long meeting or tiring day at work. A chair massage has a lot of benefits such as relaxing the muscles, relieving headaches, decreases stress that sometimes workload can cause an employee, hence, a higher change to increase their productivity.

Because The Body Connection’s on-site chair massage therapists don’t use oils during the massage, the client remains fully clothed and comfortable for the duration.

Best of all, on-site chair massage allows the massage therapist to travel directly to the client, bringing all the necessary equipment with them.

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