When Your Chair isn’t Sexy

Is Convention Chair Massage Your Solution?

One of our clients came to us and said, “My chair just isn’t sexy enough.”  I raised an eyebow, “Huh, what?” Then he explained a little more: “My chair isn’t sexy enough to get attention at tradeshows. People just walk right past my booth without even a glance at my little superstar.”

How sad. Poor little chair, it deserved better. It’s a brilliant chair, really. I can attest to that. I’ve sat in that client’s chair and I can tell you that chair envelops you with good feeling, like laying on a beach in Hawaii. I could work, sitting in that beauty all day long. And in fact, I do. Because that client gave it to me as a token of appreciation for getting hundreds of potential customers to stop and take notice of his product at trade shows. How did we do it? Simple

Chair Massage Service for Exhibit Booths

Our client, like most, had a ten by ten booth. He had a few models of office furniture he was featuring that season, but he still had plenty of room for a relaxation station booth promotion. The station consists of a massage chair and professional therapist and both fit easily in the standard 10 x10 booth.

Making eye contact with the next customer

Our mobile massage therapists are more than your traditional spa therapist.  We seek out and hire those with a special gift: an artful combination of skills. Sure, they give great massage, but they are also masters at the art of engagement. Just watch them sometime. Even as they impart a 5-10 minute massage to your future customer, they actively scan the exhibit floor, making eye connection with your next lead.  Your next customer immediately notices and experiences a palpable emotion: jealousy! THEY ARE JEALOUS OF THAT PERSON IN YOUR BOOTH. They want to trade places. With a little nod of the head, our therapist invites them to sit in YOUR CHAIR and wait their turn for their own massage.

Meanwhile, they are actively experiencing your newest product. That sad little chair that just wasn’t sexy enough. But now they know: it IS A BRILLIANT CHAIR! and sitting in it DOES feel like laying on a beach in Hawaii. They know what you know. They just needed to stop and experience it.

And now you are talking to them while they wait for their massage. And they are answering and telling you all about their store and their needs and there is your opening. Now you have a relationship, an authentic connection and all because what they really wanted in the first place was a relaxing and rejuvenating free massage.

Why Does Onsite Chair Massage Booth Promotion Work?

Making your Customers Happy makes us happy


Here’s a simple test. If you are a road warrior and attend tradeshows, you probably have a closet full of giveaways, right? The squeeze ball, Mardi Gras beads, post-its, candy, pens. Answer this question: What’s more memorable a keychain or a massage?

Obviously, massage. Why? Mainly, because massage causes people to connect the totality of their experience and store it in their psyche.  So, a relaxation station can literally massage a lasting impression into your future customers.

They will remember you, they will remember that fabulous massage in your exhibit booth and, believe me, they will know the truth about your brilliant chair: It REALLY IS SEXY!!

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Goldie Loches and the Three Oxygen Bars

Oxygen Bars for Las Vegas Tradeshows

A Tale of Adventure: Finding New Ideas for Special Events

Once upon a time there was an event planner named Goldie Loches. Goldie was bored with cranking out the same old events for the same old people. So, she decided to take an adventure to find something new and shiny, something special to impress her event clients, but more importantly, to make her job fun again, too.

So, Goldie set out searching the world wide web. She was looking for something unique, something exciting, something interesting to spice up the parties she planned for big important customers.

But the world wide web was gigantic, gargantuan and it threatened to eat up her most valuable possession: her time!  There were dozens and dozens of directions to go in. How could she possibly choose?  She closed her eyes and held hands with Mister Mouse, her trusty friend on this crazy journey, and clicked three times.

The first event services website she happened on was all fancy, schmancy with all the bells and hoohaws. She said to herself, “This company is too rich!”  Goldie surfed some more and found a website that looked like a third grader cobbled it together. “This company is too lame,” said Goldie.

Large 16-seat oxygen bar with sponsor branding
Large Oxygen Bar

Goldie sighed. Which way next? Then a little voice told her exactly where to go. Goldie smiled and clicked on BodyConnectionUSA.com and the sky opened up with heavenly sunshine (and I’m pretty sure there was some angel choir singing, too.)  “This website,” Goldie exclaimed,  “is JUST RIGHT!”

The first page Goldie opened showed an oxygen bar that sat 16 people! “This oxygen bar is SO big!!” Goldie exclaimed.” I know exactly who I can make smile with this event service: One of my clients who exhibits at tradeshows. They would love this BIG oxygen bar in their hospitality suite. And look, they can even add branding to the side panels of the oxygen bar!”

Small mobile oxygen bar is flexible event option
Mobile Mini Oxygen Bar

The second page Goldie opened showed the mini mobile oxygen bar. “Oooh,” Goldie crooned, “this oxygen bar is SO Mobile! I know exactly who would love this dream machine:  my big corporate client. She would love this event service for her annual poolside palooza party for a Fortune 500 Client! And look,” she said to Mister Mouse, “ the Mobile oxygen bar has a handle and wheels. It is perfect for toting the unit from chaise lounge to chaise lounge at her pool party.”

Oxygen Carousels without companion bar - discreet and flexible
Oxygen Carousels

With the third click, Goldie gasped. There before her eye was a wonder of color and lighting and oxygen scents like watermelon and mango and vanilla, aromas so delicious that she could almost smell them for real. “These Oxygen Carousels are so SMALL!” She said.  “I know exactly who could use these pretty little gems:  My client with the annual fundraising gala! These little oxygen delivery systems are so small and festive, they would fit in any space and with any décor! “

Goldie laughed with joy. Suddenly, life was worth living again. No more boring events, no more wasted time – work was fun again.  She turned to Mister Mouse and they held hands again, smiling blissfully in the knowledge that they always knew where to find their new friends, the three oxygen bars: at The Body Connection! – ALMOST THE END (WATCH OUR VIDEO)

Body Connection onsite Spa Services

Why Massage Matters to Google

The Value of Workplace Wellness Programs

When Zappos called us to provide weekly on-site corporate chair massage for Zappos employees, first off: we were flattered. Sure, Body Connection was the obvious choice having been the leader in chair massage in Vegas since 1996.

But beyond being honored we were really excited. Let’s face it: wouldn’t you be intrigued to step behind the corporate veil of a company whose core values include “Create fun and a little weirdness?”

the massage team at zapposWe could hardly wait to witness the unusual work environment and perks we’d heard rumors about: the intermingling of work and play, the foosball, mini-golf and ping pong right in the middle of the office!. The free meals – Can you believe it? Grilled Cheese for everyone! And did they really have a nap room with sleep pods? This was a huge turning point in the arc of corporate culture and here we were about to become part of that story.

The most exciting thing for us was that, maybe for the first time we felt a company understood the value of massage as much as we did. Now, up to this point we’d been supplying chair massage, reflexology and oxygen bar for Health Fairs and Wellness events to local and international companies for years. But those were often annual events that coincided with open enrollment for health insurance.  Trotting out a chair massage therapist once a year was one thing, but weaving it into your companies’ philosophy was completely different.

Companies like Google, Cisco Systems, Twilio and Zappos have set the trend for wellness at work. Are they just daring to be different for daring’s sake, or do they know something that other companies’ don’t? I can’t speak for them, or the other forward thinkers who provide health-centered perks to employees on a regular basis, but here are some thoughts about why massage matters to big tech companies.

Massage Shows that a Company Cares: While a company can’t reach out and give you a big hug or a pat on the back, they can convey the same sense of care by offering massage to employees who want it.

Investment in Caring has ROI: Investment in perks like massage, reflexology or yoga does have return on investment – if it succeeds in making workers feel supported. At Google, employee satisfaction rose 37% as a result of investment in non-financial employee support initiatives.

Happy Employees Make Better Workers: A recent study from University of Warwick found happy workers to be 12% more productive and unhappy workers 10% less productive.

Perks are Cost Efficient for both companies and employees. It’s cheaper to provide perks than cash salaries or bonuses. Goods and services such as massage for employees are not taxed twice.

It’s Good to Get out of your Head – Scientific American has documented many recent studies in an article, Why your Brain Needs more Downtime. that “corroborate the idea that our mental resources are continuously depleted throughout the day and that various kinds of rest and downtime can both replenish those reserves and increase their volume”.

If you need more proof on the value of workplace massage, give us a call and let’s conduct our own little experiment.


Massage with Audio/Video Message

Chair massage paired with a video presentation starring your sponsor is a winning combination! Event attendees will view your sponsor’s product or service with renewed energy and interest after a chair massage with audio/video built into the chair.  Audio visual messaging is a perfect solution for complex or technical items or services, and a great way to feature a new product launch.

Mobile Spa Sponsorship

Sponsors looking for a high visibility sponsorship with a high touch love the Mobile Spa Sponsorship option. Show managers may choose one or more of our many onsite spa services to offer for event or convention sponsorships. Our spa services are mobile so we can deliver them in just about any setting. Contact us and we will send you a Mobile Spa Sponsorship brochure with photos and description of each spa services for you to use to  entice sponsors with this attention grabber.

Foot Massage Bar Sponsorship

foot massage

Comfy lounging chairs paired with foot massage machines spells “ahhh” for foot bar visitors and your sponsors. With the capacity to please up to 400 potential clients daily, the foot massage bar is ideal for high traffic corridors, VIP suites and events with large attendance.

Oxygen Bar Sponsorship

Breathe some life into your event sponsorship options. Oxygen Bars are fun, encourage socializing and networking and more importantly, they re-energize convention attendees and exhibitors so they can go the distance. Our Oxygen Bars accomodate 8-10 people with optional seating, have backlit panels, 10 foot of counter space and oxygen delivery carousels, all of which are available for sponsors’ corporate branding.

Massage Relaxation Station Sponsorship

Our most popular trade show sponsorship, the Massage Relaxation Station with backlit bamboo and wood framed shoji screens offers conventioneers a moment of Zen to re-center and recharge in a serene island of calm. Black and white decor with lavender accents, the Relaxation Station includes massage chairs, reclining loungers for foot massage and comfy chairs for those waiting in line. The setup is flexible to fit small, large or irregular areas of the tradeshow floor, or in a hospitality suite. Choose chair massage, foot massage or both!

Convention Sponsorships that Sell

The Body Connection provides Show Managers and their tradeshow sponsors with a variety of creative and exciting massage and spa sponsorships. Turnkey setups with ability for custom branding touches provide sponsors with flexibility of themes and price points. From re-energizing and relaxing massage stations to urban chic “Martinis and Manicures”, the Body Connection offers a full menu of experiences that will entice your sponsors to sign on and sign checks.