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Fuel Your Adventure with Boost Oxygen: Where Fresh Air Meets Fun Flavors!

Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen compressed into 3 convenient size aluminum canisters for any non-Medical use. Our supplemental Oxygen is available in aroma-less Natural (no aromatherapy added), Peppermint, Menthol-Eucalyptus, Pink Grapefruit and our new Organic Rosemary ‘Think Tank’ product. Help is Here when you need relief from hypoxia due to:

Facemask Fatigue


Athletic Exertion



People who are wearing face masks for long periods of time may feel like their breathing is inhibited. Common complaints from people in jobs that require mask-wearing include shortness of breath, anxiety, and headaches.

Supplemental oxygen can help keep people fresh and oxygenated when they’re otherwise experiencing symptoms of face mask fatigue.


Boost Oxygen is all-natural respiratory support! †

Boost Oxygen is portable 95% Pure Oxygen for all-natural respiratory support. No prescription is needed. It is used by athletes for recovery and performance, seniors for an active lifestyle, people at high-altitudes and Supplemental Oxygen during poor air quality. Did you know the air we breathe contains only 21% Oxygen – the majority is useless 78% Nitrogen. Our body needs Oxygen to create energy! Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen makes access to supplemental Oxygen immediate to anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can depend on the quality of our product. Help is Here!

Supplemental Oxygen for Outdoor Adventures

If you enjoy the outdoors, the cold weather months offer plenty of fun and adventure like hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboarding and more. Each year, millions of tourists visit the high-altitude Rocky Mountain region to experience the great outdoors and a variety of winter sports.

However, many tourists also experience the effects of altitude sickness as there can be less oxygen in the air at higher altitudes. The cold weather can also cause shortness of breath. The great news is that Boost Oxygen is a great remedy for both altitude sickness and shortness of breath! Our 95% pure oxygen canisters are small, lightweight and can be carried conveniently during hiking, hunting, skiing and snowboarding.

Supplemental Oxygen To Help With Indoor Air Quality

As the weather turns colder, you might need to consider indoor air quality as many people will spend longer periods indoors. Indoors is also where you will likely spend the majority of your life. The average American will spend over 80% of their life indoors. When most people think about air pollution, they envision factory smokestacks, smog over a city or exhaust from a traffic jam. But indoor air quality can actually be worse than outdoor air quality.

During the colder winter months, we like to stay indoors to keep warm. For all the time we spend indoors in our home, it’s important to know the ways you can improve indoor air quality to stay healthy and comfortable, especially for people with allergies or respiratory issues.

Indoor air pollutants can have a profound impact on your comfort level and health. Over time, bad indoor air quality can also cause sickness and respiratory issues. Air pollutants can range from contaminants brought in by other people or pets, dust mites, spores, mold and mildew, dangerous gases like carbon monoxide and radon or volatile chemicals emitted from conventional cleaners and cooking. Indoor air quality tends to be worse in the winter months because there is often no flow of fresh air from the outside, meaning allergens stay trapped inside. Older homes may contain asbestos and lead particles, which can be damaging to the lungs when released into the air.

Help Is Here with Boost Oxygen

Boost Oxygen is designed to help provide portable and convenient 95% pure supplemental oxygen:

During an emergency in your home to provide oxygen before first responders can arrive.

To help as an all-natural and healthy respiratory support if you have to spend time indoors during colder months, where air quality can be much less than the outside.

To provide supplemental oxygen to older Americans or people with breathing issues that have to travel during colder months.

As a remedy for altitude sickness and shortness of breath if you enjoy hiking, hunting, skiing, snowboard and other outdoor adventures.

And as a quick boost of pure oxygen to help feel refreshed if you have to wear a facemask indoors for extended periods!