Body Connection USA


Integrate health and wellness into corporate meetings to demonstrate how your company values its employees and clients

Meetings with a wellness focus are trending and we’ve got just the services to help you communicate a caring corporate culture. Use one or more of our wellness enhancements to integrate health into your meetings and demonstrate how your company values its employees and clients.


Welcome to Wellness

Corporate trainers and meeting planners: Set the tone for your health-focused meeting or training. Supplement the morning coffee service with an oxygen bar. As an icebreaker, this little island is a fresh breath of air for networking. Oxygen Brochure

Take Brain Breaks

Keep trainees focused and improve attention spans, particularly in the afternoon. Certain therapeutic aromas induce brain focus. Aromatherapy is included with both our corporate chair massage and oxygen bar service.

Mindful Meetings

Research shows that learning is better retained when paired with sensory stimulation. Our Massage with a Message service engages two senses (aural and tactical) with a double bonus: improved comprehension and really happy people. Attendees receive an energizing chair massage while listening to a section of your training through headphones, which closes out with soothing music and a guided mindfulness meditation.

Offer “Good for You” Alternatives

For meeting breaks and end of day networking, convey a corporate culture of care by providing choices other than sugar, fat and alcohol. Our Ze Relaxation Station is a creative meeting break and a healthy alternative for non-drinkers.

Unlike sugary food, massage results in increased perception, focus, happiness, and concentration. Meeting participants will return from the break with a positive attitude and motivated to absorb more information.

Provide Healthy Rewards

Continue the wellness theme from beginning to end. Celebrate good work, on-time completion of training modules or achieving a training certification with a Mobile Spa Party Break. It’s a unique meeting break to surprise attendees or to dangle as a reward for a job well done. Choose two or more services to pamper your team: Manicures, pedicures, chair massage, foot massage, oxygen bar, wet shaves or (for extra fun) tarot card readings.

Keep Trainers on Their Game

It’s a stressful job delivering meetings and trainings. Presenters spend exhausting hours traveling and preparing presentations, and expend limited energy stores to lead meetings and keep attendees engaged. By the end of the first day onsite, they are stressed and sleep deprived. Meeting planners can support corporate accounts by helping meeting facilitators be at their best to deliver effective presentations and trainings. Take advantage of our Mini Portable Oxygen Bar Rental for personal use in the hotel room. Rent them for presenters to use while sleeping to assure a good night’s rest so they’re at the top of their game every day of the meeting.