Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Since 1996, The Body Connection has worked with corporate event planners to create exciting enhancements for corporate special events.

A Human Touch

No matter the size of the gathering, we can offer a variety of spa services and mobile massage for corporate events. Compact setups of on-site chair massage, spa service and oxygen bar enable our staff to set up anywhere to help promote your company.

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Add a human touch to:

  • Corporate Parties
  • Sales Promotions
  • Branding Campaigns
  • Sponsored Sporting Events

Featured Occasion for Corporate Events

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Massage for Golf Tournaments

Onsite chair massage and corporate golf tournaments are a natural complement.

Massage prepares golfers for their best game by loosening tight shoulder and back muscles, two essential areas when it comes to driving the ball straight.

Massage stations can be placed throughout the course: at tee boxes, the driving range, clubhouse or locker room.