Oxygen Bar Rentals

Premium Oxygen Bar Rentals. Breathe deep and have fun while you re-center and recharge.


Oxygen bar is an outside the box option for any event, meeting or trade show. Relax, socialize or hold a meeting while receiving a dose of revitalizing oxygen. oxygen bar rental service is available in San Francisco, Napa valley, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, Orlando, utha, New York City

For Events & Conventions

Oxygen bar is an oasis for any event, meeting or tradeshow. The Oasis Oxygen Bar gathers 8 people around a standup bar (seating optional) to socialize or hold a meeting while receiving revitalizing oxygen through sanitized disposable nasal tubes.


Increase Leads & Make Booth Visitors Stay Longer

Oxygen Bar makes a unique booth promotion for Tradeshow exhibitors. Oxygen Bar gains attention of tradeshow attendees and attracts sales lead to your booth. Pitch your sale to 8-10 leads at once, or use our oxygen bar as a way to occupy a backlog of leads until you finish with your current sale. Either way, people will linger longer in your booth.

For Brand Promotion

Oxygen Bar is a fun and healthy way to promote your brand at Tradeshows and Events. Oxygen Bars are an oasis of calm and rejuvenation, which event and tradeshow attendees will associate with your product or service. With 10 feet of counter space, there is plenty of room for handouts and displays. Our oxygen bars and oxygen delivery carousels can be customized with your corporate branding.

oxygen bar
oxygen bar


Oxygen bar combined with chair massage is an outside the box option for events and conventions. Oxygen is a natural complement to chair massage. An infusion of oxygen and chair massage transforms weary leads to grateful customers who are alert and receptive to your sales staff.


Oxygen bar is profitable sponsorship option for events and conventions. Compact setups suit any special event, fit easily in all sizes of tradeshow booths and can be customized with corporate branding.