Oxygen Bar Rentals

Premium Oxygen Bar Rentals. Breathe deep and have fun while you re-center and recharge.

Happy Networking: The oxygen bar links event attendees to the oxygen delivery systems and to each other.

The little island of fresh air creates a joyous intimacy among party-goers. That bubble of happiness ripples throughout the party, creating a buzz that draws others to join in the fun.

Extra Seating: The bar supporting oxygen delivery units provides added seats for socializing and networking, and table space to rest appetizers and cocktails.

Healthy High: Oxygen or o2 is a great alternative high for people who cannot drink alcohol or choose not to. Oxygen bars are especially a good fit for health-focused events.

Rejuvenation: The Oxygen bar provides a moment to chill out, breathe deep and revive. Some even say o2 (oxygen) cures a hangover.

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