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Professional services and free tips to keep your body healthy while you travel

Navigating the Stressors of Travel with Expert Care and Vital Tips

Travel is taxing to the human body. Airplane cabin pressure, time zone changes, altitude, humidity and temperature changes and the general stress of travel challenge our wellbeing. These body stressors can cause a host of ailments during your trip.

Fortunately, your body is our business. Find free tips and professional services below to stay healthy while you travel for business or pleasure.

Sitting during long flights or car trips constricts blood flow. Research has shown massage to increase oxygen in blood and enhance blood flow in muscles. Try a FOOT MASSAGE, which also works the calves, known as our second heart for their role in pumping blood from lower extremities.

Skin is your largest organ. Keep skin hydrated with essential oils like geranium, rose, orange and lemon. Add a few drops separately or combined to body lotion or add 10 drops to water and spritz your skin.

Lack of sleep can lend to difficulty with decision making, problem solving and controlling behavior. MINI OXYGEN BARS can be rented affordably for hotel rooms. Breathing concentrated oxygen during sleep can maximize the benefits of rest –easy to use and free delivery to Las Vegas hotels.

Set the stage for a good night’s sleep with aromatherapy. Bathe in lavender essential oil, rub some into your temples and arch of your foot and add a drop to your pillow. If you still can’t sleep, at least indulge yourself: order a MOBILE SPA delivered to your hotel.

Don’t wait until you are thirsty: sip frequently every hour. For increased hydration, drink fluids with electrolytes and limit alcohol and caffeine.

Travel for work can be particularly exhausting. Mix business with pleasure. Order our ONSITE CHAIR MASSAGE for meeting breaks or end of a day’s training.

Be sure to stretch and exercise while on the road to combat muscle stiffness. Many hotels have on-demand fitness channels and in-room equipment. Yoga improves blood flow and oxygen access to the brain. Magnesium gel can relieve muscle cramps.

Traveling from lower to higher elevations can cause a host of symptoms: headache, bloating, nausea, fatigue, shortness of breath – what is sometimes referred to as Altitude Sickness. Ski resorts and other high altitude destinations have known for years that OXYGEN TREATMENTS can ease these discomforts.