Convention Exhibitors

Mobile chair massage, spa services and relaxation stations are great ideas for exhibit booth promotions, sponsorships and for amenities in hospitality suites.

Massage, O2 Bars, Spa Services are SAFE and APPROVED for use at Conventions. These services are more effective at bringing attention and visitors to your booth than ever before. We will help you navigate the rules, regulations and safety precautions stipulated by the CDC, County, City, venue and show hosting company.

For Convention Exhibitors

Exhibit Booth Massage

Stand out at tradeshows or conventions by offering foot massage or chair massage in your exhibit booth.
Massage is one of the best booth promotions that can also improve trade show sales.

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Convention Chair Massage Returns on Investment at Trade Shows

Here’s How:

  • “Free Massage” creates booth buzz and attracts customers to your booth.
  • Increase in booth visitors means increased odds of qualified leads.
  • A chair massage keeps convention attendees in your sales zone at least 10 minutes longer, so sales staff can make a pitch and make sales.

For Trade Show Managers

Foot and chair massage as an tradeshow amenity is in high demand by convention attendees. The Body Connection’s Relaxation Station is flexible to suit small or large spaces, and can be expanded to feature foot massage, oxygen bar, reflexology and other add-ons.

Massage Relaxation Station Sponsorship

  • The Body Connection has a full menu of exciting sponsorships for conventions, including the popular Relaxation Station.
  • The Massage Relaxation Station offers conventioneers a serene island of calm to re-center and recharge.
  • Experience focused and visually dynamic with ability for custom branding touches make this an attractive option for sponsors.
  • A high profile, high touch sponsorship!
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Featured Occasion for Corporate Events

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Converts Leads to Sales

Chair massage paired with an audio & video presentation is a winning combination. Your clients are rewarded with a rejuvenating massage while viewing a short presentation on video screens viewed through the facecradle on the massage chair. Your client’s audio marketing message is delivered through headphones and literally massaged into the customer.