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Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Foot massage refreshes and rejuvenates conventioneers, event attendees and employees.

foot massage

Steam Towel Foot Massage

Take a break from meetings and walking miles of tradeshow floor.

Relax in our reclining loungers and treat your feet to our signature steamed towel foot massage – invigorating and soothing.

Our foot massage stations are self-contained and mobile.


How Foot Massage Works

The foot massage begins with the client reclining in a portable reflexology lounger. A soothing foot cleanse is followed with a relaxing time-out with feet wrapped in hot lavender-scented towels.

Integrating Swedish massage and other massage techniques, points on the feet are stimulated by means of pressure, stretch and movement to break up stress patterns in other parts of the body.

Feet are further pampered with peppermint cream and foot reflexology, leaving feet tingling and spirits refreshed.