Chair massage is a great way to motivate staff, improve employee productivity and get return on investment in your company’s human resources.

Corporate Wellness Program

Research shows that wellness programs reduce employee absenteeism and health care costs, and improve worker relations and productivity.

How Corporate Wellness Program Works : Our professional licensed massage therapists set up in your office,
break room, or conference room. Your employees receive a 10 to 20 minute massage that focuses on back,
neck, arms and hands.

Invest in corporate wellness visits scheduled at regular intervals (weekly, monthly or quarterly) and begin to
reap the rewards.


Companies use our massage services for:

  • Health Fairs
  • Corporate Retreats
  • Client Gifts
  • Secretaries & Bosses Day
  • Holiday Parties
  • Celebrating Project End
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Employee Recognition
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The Cost Of Stress

Stress constricts blood flow, reducing oxygen delivery to the brain and muscles of your employees. Lack of clarity and fatigued muscles add up to costly mistakes and accidents, which increase workers’ compensation and health insurance claims.

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Massage Benefits Staff

Massage facilitates blood flow and oxygen delivery to the brain and muscles, improving employee’s stamina, productivity, efficiency and mental acuity.

Massage Benefits Your Company

Even short 15 minute massages can financially benefit your company.

  • Reduces Sick Leave
  • Cuts Health Costs
  • Decreases Turnover
  • Lowers Accident Rate
  • Higher Productivity
  • Greater Efficiency
  • Happier Employees
  • Increased Bottom Line