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Oxygen Rental Service

The Body Connection provides oxygen services for both private and commercial use to Brian Head Resort, Duck Creek Village and the surrounding areas. Our services fall into two categories: Oxygen delivery service for personal use, and oxygen bar rentals for group functions.

Oxygen Delivery Service for Utah

Brian Head and Duck Creek visitors: We deliver oxygen where and when you need it.

Whether you are staying at a Brian Head hotel, Cedar Breaks ski lodge, a Duck Creek Condo or your second home in the Southern Utah area, oxygen delivery is just a phone call away.

Our wheeled oxygen concentrator rentals (mini mobile oxygen bars) deliver oxygen to two people. Oxygen is delivered by one oxygen concentrator through two separate sets of sanitary oxygen tubes.

The unit automatically monitors oxygen flow so you can even reap the benefits of in-home oxygen while you sleep. Your personal oxygen rental comes with choice of soothing lavender and eucalyptus aromatherapy, which aid in keeping nostrils hydrated.

Utah Oxygen Bar Rental Service

For conferences, health fairs, events and private parties
Mobile oxygen bars are a fun and healthy activity for events in Utah’s high altitude.

Event and meeting planners find that our units are adaptable to any size space and useful for both casual and formal events.

The oxygen bar rental comes with a counter topped standing unit, colorful oxygen carousels and sanitary disposable tubes that deliver oxygen to four to eight guests at once.

For more flexibility, you can just use the oxygen carousels and incorporate them into your event’s decor

Give your event sponsors more exposure. We can brand the oxygen bar panels and the oxygen delivery carousels with corporate logos and messages.

For Brian Head weddings and galas we can glam up your oxygen bar or coordinate color and design with your theme.

Mobile oxygen bar rental for events comes complete with oxygen barista to engage and assist your guests.

Altitude Sickness

Brian Head, Duck Creek and other popular Utah destinations are located in elevations high enough for visitors to complain of altitude sickness. Adjusting to high altitude can be hard on the body, afflicting even the healthiest and most fit men, women and children. Your plan to ski, board, bike, hike or just to sight-see in Utah can be side-lined by altitude sickness symptoms including headache, bloating, fatigue and nausea.

Customers of our in-home oxygen delivery service are religious about using oxygen before symptoms surface. Don’t let “acute mountain sickness” ruin your expensive Utah vacation. 

Want tips for staying healthy while you travel? Click here.

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The Body Connection Oxygen Policies and Procedures

Please read and understand the Policies and Procedures. This document is the contract that you are agreeing to follow. Payment, in any form, shall be deemed the same as acceptance of this contract.

  • Description of Usage: User understands that The Body Connection currently provides recreational oxygen only. We are not a medical provider and do not accept or fill prescriptions for oxygen or oxygen concentrator rentals. We do not bill insurance. The Body Connection does not make any medical claims and no cure is guaranteed.
  • Delivery over 20 miles from center or main resort will be charged a delivery fee of $100. This may be assessed after the reservation is made.
  • Recommended usage: During hours of sleep when breathing is shallow and when symptoms are their worst, also during the day as symptoms dictate.
  • Day of Delivery:Please note that if you are not present at the agreed upon day & time of delivery & it requires another trip there will be an additional charge of $50.
  • Cancellation Policy: Cancellation of booking 48 hours or more prior to the delivery date will result in a $50 nonrefundable deposit being withheld. Cancellation within 48 hours of delivery will result in 35% of the invoice total being charged or withheld.
  • Delivery Policy: Deliveries normally occur between 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on the day of arrival, but may be later due to unforeseen circumstances. Early delivery and / or scheduled delivery times will incur a $25 scheduled delivery fee.
  • After hours delivery, if available, will be charged a $100 after hour’s delivery fee.
  • Return Policy: Purchaser is responsible for the return of rentals and will be charged the full retail sales amount on equipment that is not returned. If Rental is due back on a date, the Concentrator must be available to be picked up. Place the Concentrator on the front porch or have it returned to the front desk or bell stand. Any Concentrator that is not available to be picked up on the scheduled pickup date will incur a $65 no pickup fee to cover a return trip to pick up the unit and / or $100 per night rental extension. UNITS ARE DUE FOR PICKUP AT 10:00 AM ON THE LAST DAY OF THE RENTAL PERIOD.
  • Security Deposit: Security deposits (where applicable) are required when renting portable / concentrators. Security Deposits are charged at the time of the reservation and are based on approximately 50% of the concentrator’s replacement value. Security deposits are not applicable to the balance due. Security deposits will be returned in full within 7 days after verification that all equipment was returned, and that all equipment is in the same condition it was sent out. Client will be notified in the deposit refund period if there is an issue. Missing Items will be retail market price of replacement. Damaged items will be sent to a factory authorized repair facility and billed to client. Client is responsible for the full value of rental should the rental equipment be lost, stolen or irreparably damaged.
  • By accepting this disclaimer, the purchaser holds Body Connection LLC harmless of any adverse consequences, foreseen or unforeseen, whether real or perceived and assumes full responsibility for his/her home or occupants, permanent or temporary resulting from the rental or purchase of the oxygen concentrator.